identity theft


Protect your identity from today's emerging threats

  • ID theft happens once every two seconds
  • 16.7 million victims of identity fraud in 2017
  • 1.3  million children are affected by identity fraud annually, and that number is on the rise



Restoration & Recovery Services

Fraud Resolution Specialists will execute the process through a Limited Power of Attorney, mitigating some of the costly steps required to properly dispute fraud, as a result of identity theft.

  • USA Based Resolution Team
  • Dark Web Scan & Monitoring
  • Real Time Credit Bureau Alerts

Fraud Resolution Team

You have unlimited access to our team of Fraud Resolution

Specialists. Each specialist is an experienced fraud

representative and has been trained under the Fair Credit

Reporting Act (FCRA). Additional certifications include Certified

Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist® and Certified

Credit Report Reviewer.

Tax Fraud Assistance

Through our staffed CPA’s and Enrolled Agents, and via Power of Attorney, we are able to help victims of tax fraud by working directly on their behalf with the IRS. This is a premium feature you will be hard pressed to find from competitors offering identity theft protection services.

Financial Coaching Consultations

A Financial Coach will assist you with restoring and rehabilitating your credit reputations and financial status. Coaches are Certified Credit Counselors, in addition to holding certifications

like CFP® Professional, Enrolled Agent, CPA, and Certified Credit Repair Specialist, and experience as former bankers and insurance professionals.

DIY recovery

Federal Trade Commission DIY Video